Should You Leave Your Sanitizer In Your Car?

These days, I personally feel a little better having a bottle of Hand Sanitizer with me at all times, which is why we can all agree that it has become our BFF since this pandemic began. However, recently experts have reported that hand sanitizer and our cars don't get along so well.


Here's what Dr. Boyce, Associate Professor at FGCU had to say about leaving your hand sanitizer in your car...

“If you are running errands and want to keep it in the car, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t be leaving it in the car indefinitely. In order to avoid potentially decreasing the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer, you must avoid leaving it inside areas where the temperature continues to rise. So over a longer period of time at higher temperatures, you lose some efficacy in a hand sanitizer because the active ingredient evaporates. You want it above 60 percent so if it stayed out for quite a while you would rather not use it.” 
Boyce also said, during the coronavirus pandemic, using hand sanitizer left in your car is ok. Anything is better than nothing.
We recommend that our HANDS Sanitizer be stored at room temperature. 
Remember, Practice Good Hand Hygiene.
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