Maskne... Yes, It's a Real Thing.

It's April: we’re in loungewear 24/7, spending the afternoons nourishing our skin, binging Netflix, and baking bread. We are living our best life and our skin is glowing. Fast forward to August, as we begin to find our new normal, and get back out there… masks are now an essential accessory. But it’s hard to ignore that wearing a mask comes with side effects, one more common than others—maskne.


As the name suggests, maskne is a type of breakout from wearing a face mask. “Maskne is acne formed in areas due to friction, pressure, stretching, rubbing, or occlusion,” says Dr. Saedi, a dermatologist at Thomas Jefferson University.


How can you prevent and treat maskne?


1 – Dermatologists suggest wearing 100 percent cotton masks, as they allow it to breathe better than other fabrics. Treat your cloth masks like your panties, wash them daily. ;)


2 – Go back to the basics with your face wash. Use a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. Consider using a face cleanser that contains salicylic acid which will help keep your pores clean.


3 – Use protective products. The best way to build a protective barrier between your skin and your mask is with a nice, rich moisturizer. Avoid oil-based skin products when you know you will be in your mask for a significant amount of time. Heavy, oil-based products can make you sweat quicker (i.e. clogging your pores). Avoid wearing make-up, experts say if makeup is a must… consider a lighter foundation, or tinted moisturizer.


4 – Throw ABOUT FACE in your bag and spritz your face throughout the day. Colloidal silver, the hero ingredient in ABOUT FACE, is an all-natural antimicrobial and antibacterial that is a great acne-fighter. Paired with antioxidant rich essential oils, this light facial mist will help keep the acne causing bacteria at bay. 



If all else fails, think about what you’re eating because that can contribute to breakouts too—and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. We would love to hear your tips for combatting maskne in the comments below…



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