• How To Be An Ally...

    Here at OH.SO, we stand in solidarity with the  Black community in the fight against racism and systemic injustice.    We must unite and stand for inclusion. It is our collective responsibility to be part of the solution. Black voices deserve to be heard.   We are listening. We are learning. We ... View Post

    Q: Tell us a little about your role here at OH.SO... A: I do a little bit of everything - I spearhead shipping & logistics, I research and source our raw materials. I help with customer support. I do quite a bit of research & development. I also help keep the office running and help with ... View Post
  • How To Connect & Bring Nature Indoors During The Pandemic...

      Spending time and connecting with nature really helps you be present with yourself and find magic in your surroundings. A walk along the beach, a camping trip to the mountains, star gazing, a hike in the woods... what is your favorite way to connect with nature? As we are living in a time o... View Post